Hello, Samsung Electronics released a new 법인폰 알뜰폰개통 z-fold and z-flip at the end of August. It’s been a month since it was released, and they say it’s really popular. There are still many people who have made reservations in advance and have not received the device, but it is difficult for general agencies or retailers to purchase the device immediately because there are more people who purchase it than expected and the supply and demand of the device are insufficient. So there are probably many people who are trying to buy it through Samsung Dotcom without going through telecommunication companies in another way! That’s why I checked Samsung dot-com. I went in and found out that Samsung Dotcom has a model as a self-sufficiency model.

The first Galaxy Z Flip 3 mobile phone color released had a total of four colors, including phantom black, cream, green, and lavender. This color is common to both carriers and self-sufficiency models. Samsung dotcom was selling white, pink, and gray as its exclusive colors. In addition, the general color was not purchased on Samsung Dotcom because it was not in stock, but these exclusive color models could be purchased immediately. If you have made a reservation for the purchase of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 kt업무용핸드폰 and have any favorite colors among those who have been waiting, you can purchase them right away without waiting any longer, so please refer to them.
I don’t think I’ve seen a case where they sell colors separately while selling self-sufficiency. It was fascinating. All of these colors seem to be very popular even for general sales. Pink and white are always popular colors in other models, so many people probably wanted pink or white in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 법인핸드폰. It’s an exclusive color of Samsung Dotcom, so if you’re okay to buy it on your own, check it out right now! Overall, we don’t have enough supplies, so I think these colors will be sold out soon.


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