Samsung’s latest mobile phone Galaxy A53 법인핸드폰 구매pre-booking schedule, specs, gifts
On March 17th, the Galaxy A series event was held. The layout was impressive, reflecting the trend of many people watching videos on their smartphones. The unpack video was made vertically according to the smartphone screen.
Samsung’s latest mobile phone, which was unveiled in this unpack, is a Galaxy A lineup and has two types. They are Galaxy A53 and A33. (A73 is missing)

As for Samsung, the Galaxy A series, which is a mid-range lineup, is as important as the flagship S and Z series. That’s why I’m taking quite aggressive steps. Galaxy A53’s pre-booking schedule and price are all the same as iPhone SE3.
For your information, A33 공공기관 법인명의 비영리 휴대폰 개통 is still undecided on the domestic release date and price.
The pre-booking schedule for Galaxy A53 is from March 18th to March 24th. And it will be officially released in Korea on April 1st.

The release of the iPhone SE3 was confirmed far ahead of the Galaxy A53 unpack. However, the fact that the pre-booking schedule and price of the model that was unpacked later were the same is Samsung’s intention to respond to Apple’s entry into the low-end lineup market.
I can’t say which one is better or better. Apple is far ahead of AP, but Samsung is a long way ahead in other quad cameras and display sizes. It’s a matter of choosing according to your purpose and pattern.
Much of the Galaxy A53 spec has already been leaked in advance. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the same smartphone as the A52S that I have used until recently.

It’s Samsung’s latest cell phone, but it’s also disappointing. The Galaxy A53 AP Exynos 1280 announced as a 5nm processor is rated one grade lower than the A52s Snapdragon 778G. Of course, not all information is registered on the AP comparison site yet, but both CPU and GPU are one level below Snapdragon 778G.
However, it is difficult to see A53 as a follow-up to A52S. Rather, it is an upgraded version of Snapdragon 750 AP. (A52S was released in Korea as a performance-enhancing model due to semiconductor issues)

The design is the same as the A52 line비영리 법인핸드폰개통. There is a slight color difference. Awesome Violet has been changed to Awesome Blue. Awesome Peach, an unreleased color in Korea, can be seen as an alternative color to last year’s Awesome Mint.

The bezel has become slimmer. The bezel difference of the Galaxy A series was quite large compared to the S lineup, but now there is no big difference.
It is a 6.5-inch, 120Hz super-AMOLED display. Compared to the dynamic AMOLED 2X of the flagship lineup, the color expression and durability are disappointing, but considering that it is in the intermediate stage, it is expected to show off its excellent performance.

The RAM is LPDDR4X 6GB (+Virtual RAM 6GB) and the storage space is 128GB. And you can expand the external SD card up to 1TB. This is nice to see you.
This unpacks highlights the camera. It is also the best differentiation point compared to the single-camera iPhone SE3.

The main wide-angle camera is equipped with OIS. This alone is quite encouraging, but each quad-shaped lens is more than I expected.

  1. Main wide-angle 64MP F1.8 OIS
  2. Ultra wide-angle 12MP F2.2
  3. Adjacent 5MP F2.4
  4. Depth 5MP F2.4

F1.8’s bright aperture and high definition OIS are well-organized enough to be evaluated as equivalent to the flagship.
But if you think about it, 법인핸드폰 it’s not a big hardware improvement or upgrades model. So you have to look back at the software.
Various effects can be applied in in-person mode and FUN mode. It also emphasized multi-frame processing that synthesizes 12 photos in low light. When you use it in the future, it’s the part that makes you look forward to the most.
The battery is a definite upgrade. It has a high capacity of 5000mAh and supports 25W ultra-fast charging. Also, the battery efficiency of the Exynos 1280 is better than the Snapdragon 778G, so the battery is expected to be monster-like.법인핸드폰
Samsung Pay supports IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof. Nice to meet you.
In summary, except for AP, Galaxy A52/A52s overlap as they are.
There was also a downgrade. Now, bundle chargers have been excluded from the Galaxy A series, and the 3.5 pi earphone jack has disappeared. It’s a matter of adapting to change, but it’s indeed disappointing.