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Nice to meet you. I’m Mute, a blogger who introduces information about Apple devices. It hasn’t been long since iPhone 14 came out, but rumors about the release date and specification of the iPhone 15 have already begun to emerge. So for fun, we’re going to talk about the next model in this post.

스카이라이프인터넷 Surprisingly, there is talk about the new iPhone model. Many people are disappointed with the 14th model. In particular, the gap is so wide that sales have been focused on professional models this time. I am also currently using the program as my main focus.

So what will be the difference in the next model? In conclusion, there is no detailed story at all at a time when 14 is just out. However, various media outlets such as McLoumus, Okataramac, and Apple Insider are already talking about the next model.

Therefore, I will briefly point out what will be different through this posting. So far, you can only check it in kt스카이라이프 tv a few chapters in a large frame, so please refer to it lightly. The detailed rumors will probably come out after the first quarter of next year.

USB-C switching?

Finally, it seems that it will be out of Lightning from iPhone 15. This is because the European Parliament has passed a bill to convert charging terminals for all devices sold within the EU into Type-C. This law will come into effect in 24.

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If so, there may be questions. A new iPhone will be released around October next year (23) and it doesn’t matter if it is implemented for 24 years. However, it will be sold in 24, so you have to switch to type C. Even if it came out in 23, it will be sold for more than a year by 24, so it will naturally be mounted as Type C.

Therefore, this possibility is quite high. Also, Apple is likely to use it as its unique marketing. Just as the simple punch hole display was packaged with an additional UI in this series, there is a possibility that it will be installed about a year earlier and will be promoted for faster charging and data transmission.

In fact, the Lightning port shows a transmission speed of USB 2.0. The iPhone pro-class supports 48 million-pixel shooting results, with a speed of only 480 Mbps. Given that the capacity of the Pro RAW is more than 70MB, the speed is very slow, so switching is inevitable even for actual camera users.

iPhone Ultra and Camera

It is said that the existing Pro Max model will disappear and can be replaced by the name Ultra. This is an observation by Bloomberg News’ Mark German, an expert, and I think it is also likely. Apple Watch has already released a high-end model under the name Ultra.

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However, it is unclear what difference the ultra model will show. Since it is unlikely that the name will change in the ProMax, there is a possibility that the weight will be drastically lowered or the performance will be higher by using materials upgraded from stainless steel to titanium.

To date, the dominant element is the iPhone 15 Promax (or Ultra) Periscope lens technology. According to analyst Ming Chikuo, it will be equipped with a telescope camera lens. f2.8 aperture, OIS and 6x optical zoom, and 12 million pixels are likely. This lens uses the existing sensor that is much longer because it is in the form of refracting light by arranging the sensor horizontally.

Up) low light environment, down) photographic results

What is especially expected in low light? We tested the camera with the 14 Pro model, and it does show high-quality photos based on LiDAR sensors. However, the noise is still mixed with less light, and the ghost phenomenon has not been solved. Won’t this factor decrease drastically in the next model?

This part seems to be already negotiating a technical partnership with Lande Optics. As the iPhone is putting a lot of effort into securing technology for cameras, high-end cameras are expected to be equipped with higher-performance cameras.

TSMC, New Chipset

The next model will also be divided quickly. A new chipset, the A17 Bionic chip, will be released, and the A16 (current model professional-class chip) will be introduced in the next general model. On the other hand, high-end chips are likely to be based on the 3 nm of the TSMC process.

For your information, the score of the A16 Bionic chip is as above. (It may vary slightly depending on the measurement environment and method.) The single-core 1800 points, the multi-5,400 points, and the GPU exceeded the iPad Pro 11 model by more than 15,000 points. With this overwhelming situation, the next model is likely to improve further.

Switching from the current 4nm to the next 3nm will shorten the circuit signal transmission distance, speeding up the operation and reducing power consumption. Therefore, it is expected to show much better performance in gaming. This is why I’m looking forward to the release date of the iPhone 15. (Of course, it’s enough now, but mobile game performance is rising so steeply.)

Therefore, it is too early to predict, but it is expected to be 2,000 points for single-core and 6,000 points for multi-core. At this level, it is expected that it will show a high performance that can compare not only mobile but also tablets and laptops.

When is the release date?

The next model is likely to come in four lineups: General, Plus, Pro, and Ultra. And this part is likely to be the same because Apple has a September event and an October blackout every time. However, in the case of prices, the current exchange rate fluctuations are too severe, and how it flows has not yet been revealed.

Of course KT알뜰폰, the iPhone 15 is a long way off. But surprisingly, the hit rate is quite high. Immediately after the 13th came out, when rumors about 14 came out, 70% to 80% of them were correct. This is because it is difficult to make big changes in technology every year, so it is possible to predict to some extent. Please keep that in mind and wait for a while.