Samsung S6 해외본인인증

Hello, this is him. Today, we’re going to compare Galaxy S5, S6, and S7. It’s a very old smartphone. It’s about 8 to 6 years old. This comparison also shows how quickly the smartphone market has changed rapidly. Let’s take a look and see what the differences are and what specifications they used to have.

해외문자수신In the case of Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7, the release date is and this model is released every year. If previous S5 models were able to meet better specifications than regular feature phones smartphones, it is also a part of the S6 that has grown really fast. It’s a part that shows the overall change in specifications by adopting a new Android OS every year.

Galaxy S5, S6, and S7 all have <5.1 inches> screens. The panel has an AMOLED display. However, if the resolution of the display was <1920×1080> in S5, you can see that the resolution of the Galaxy S6 and S7 has increased to <2560×1440>. This allows you to display more icons on one screen, and you can watch it coolly when you watch the video.

If you look at the 해외문자인증 specifications, the Galaxy S5 is a good thing compared to a normal phone to say that overall specifications are actually good. Of course, it was really high spec at the time, but if you look at it now, you can see that the overall spec is low enough to make you think there’s this spec. However, from the Galaxy S7, the core clock, system RAM, and S5 have doubled. You can see graphics cores and micro SDs.

You can also see 해외휴대폰본인인증 that the camera is getting better and better. Of course, if you just look at pixels, the Galaxy S5 is 15 million pixels – 20 million pixels. And the S6 is 16 million pixels on the back, and the S7 is 12 million pixels. The pixels decreased as time went by, but the result of the picture was better for S7. The aperture value is F1.7, which can bring out great photos, and we have created good photos with various auto-focus, touch focus, and HDR shooting.


And Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S7 all started fingerprinting, and it was incredible at the time that it was waterproof. In fact, it was natural for smartphones to be waterproof only now, but in the past, there was no waterproofing itself from the beginning, and I didn’t think it would work. And Samsung Pay started to apply in 2015.

In fact, if you look at the specifications now, You could say how to use that, but in my day it was an innovation. “Wow! Look at this spec. Look at the quality of the camera.” I was surprised at that time. For your information, we learned about Galaxy S5, S6, and S7. I hope that the neighbors will remember their past memories, and I will end it now.