외국인유심 One of the pleasures of using an iPhone is that you can use a variety of cases that suit your taste. Among the various types, it must be the leather case that satisfies the thinness, pleasant grip, and luxurious feeling.

The Native Union iPhone 14 Pro Max Max Safe Case, which has been in use recently, is quite satisfactory in many aspects, so I would like to recommend it to those who are looking for iPhone cases.

If you were looking for a practical and pretty product, such as a rough product that only protects your phone or a transparent case that you don’t want to see as you use it, the Native Union Kraft is quite attractive. korea sim

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korea sim When I received the product, I liked how it was wrapped in an eco-bag style.
The cool light brown iPhone 14 Pro Max leather case has a different two-tone design at the bottom, giving you a feeling that it is much more sophisticated and pretty than other products. The advantage is that it doesn’t feel rough or old-fashioned compared to other natural leather products, and it’s very sophisticated.korea sim

In particular, the state-of-the-art YATAY materials used in manufacturing generally have less carbon and water consumption during manufacture than natural leather used in leather cases, and coronet tests show that they are five times more durable than other PU leathers. It means it’s more environmentally friendly and durable than other leather cases.
The lining of the case is handled with soft suede to prevent damage to the iPhone. Because it is a Maxafe case, it is not marked on the outside, but you can see the position and shape of the Maxafe magnet ring on the inside.
One of the reasons people who like Apple’s genuine leather case cite is slimness. Native Union KRAFT also maintains a very thin and slim thickness when installed.

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Because the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is so big, I don’t like it because it doesn’t suit my taste even if it’s a sturdy case, but this one doesn’t hurt the slimness of pure love, so I like it best when it comes into my hands. The unique warm and tight grip of leather is also very good, so I think it’s good to use in cold seasons like these days.sim card prepaid

The perforated finish of the lower speaker hole and the lightning port is also perfectly well done. Especially, the lightning port part is drilled quite wide, so it looks good to use regardless of the third-party cable.

The left and right buttons are slightly thick, so you can easily operate them without seeing them with your eyes, and the feeling of pressing the button is not stiff and it is pressed well. The silent switch was punched tight enough to fit perfectly, but there was no problem operating it.

In particular, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has significantly improved camera performance compared to its predecessor, and the lens and camera island protrude much more, so it bothers me every time I put it on the floor. I have a camera protection reinforced glass attached, and the native Union leather case rises to the height that covers that part, so there is no problem in protecting the lens.

It’s 100% compatible with the accessories you’ve used before, just like the Maxafe case. The magnetic force is not weak, so I can attach the pick design Maxafe standing wallet that I am using without any problems, and the smart ring type is also compatible.
Of course, it sticks to the Maxafe charging cradle without any problems, so you can use charging normally. While there are many iPhone Maxafe cases that are thicker than unsupported ones, the Native Union iPhone case is very slim on both the side and back, so you can use both functional parts and grip weight easily.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is full of battery performance that lasts long enough to use throughout the day, cool displays, and top-notch cameras, but because of the size and weight of the burden to carry around, you’re especially careful about choosing a case.

Native Union iPhone 14 Pro Max Max Safe Leather Case features slimness and maximum safety support, as well as a sophisticated and luxurious design that is easy to use, so I would like to recommend this product to those who are thinking of purchasing an iPhone case.