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Video translation program CAT TOOL MediaCAT AI artificial intelligence is good for work efficiency!

These days, many consumers are looking for sim card prepaid and consuming necessary information through videos, as they naturally turn on YouTube when they are curious about something. Thanks to this, companies are also actively using video marketing to meet the needs of these consumers.

외국인유심개통 One of the elements that cannot be thought of these days when producing video content is the subtitles that are translated into various languages. This is because anyone in the world can easily watch videos uploaded through YouTube or the website, so the presence or absence of subtitles in the language has a tremendous impact on the ripple effect of the video.

While running a YouTube channel, I felt that there was a huge difference in viewing time just by having Korean subtitles and not having Korean subtitles. Therefore, most of the videos produced by 외국인선불유심 individual YouTubers like me as well as marketing companies are produced through video translation.

However, translating images from one language to another is certainly not easy. There are many machine translation programs, but the quality of the translation is disappointing, or there are many sentences that are directly translated into hard-written language, so it is often difficult to use them right away.

The medical video translation program introduced today provides a very simple and innovative automated work process that applies XLATE’s AI artificial intelligence solution.

koreasim With the application of the Context Awareness model, artificial intelligence machine translation CAT TOOL, which specializes in colloquial translation of media images, supports 66 language pairs, the largest number of AI translation engines, and does not require translators to record time codes and transcription tasks.

If you log in after signing up as a member for the first time, you can meet the above working environment. The workspace is divided into three areas: the left-hand side, the workspace on the main screen, and the result area.

Available in MediaCAT CAT TOOL, the Sync/Translate/Dub three TASKs are designed to increase the efficiency of your work, either individually or sequentially, as needed.


Upload an image or enter a link to create a caption file in the language of that image.


You can upload captions in a specific language to create captions that are translated into the language you want.


Subtitle files and media can be uploaded to produce dubbing videos with male 1, 2/female 1, and 2 voices.

What is the MediaCAT work process?
First of all, uploading an image file to be translated through Sync TASK to create a caption file in the language of the image. At this time, it is very attractive that you can upload the source file as well as put URLs like YouTube videos.

When you translate a specific company or individual’s video uploaded to YouTube into a specific language, you don’t have to download or receive the source video, but you can create a subtitle file with only the video URL, which is very convenient to work with.

Select the language of the uploaded image and if you have a pre-written transcript file, you can upload it together. Of course, it’s optional, so there’s no problem with the work even if it’s not there.

You can set the details of the subtitle file to be created in the next step, but it doesn’t matter if you leave it at the default value, so check the subtitle format and press the Create & Run button to start the work.

Because the task runs automatically on the server, you can start it and do other tasks one after another without having to maintain the screen. Files currently in progress are marked with yellow dots in the results area and immediately changed to green dots when completed.

Select when the task is complete to view the detail screen. From here, you can click Download to save the generated caption file, open a web editor to modify it yourself or select Proceed to Translate to continue translating immediately without having to go to the main screen.
It can directly modify the subtitle file generated through its editor, so it is possible to simply correct typos without a separate program, and you can work while checking the subtitle of the part while looking at the timeline.

If you made the original language subtitles, it’s time to translate!

Once you’ve created subtitles for an image to be translated, you can use them to create captions that have been translated into other languages. You can easily create subtitles in 66 languages including Korean.

Similarly, when the task is complete, you can download the translated subtitles created through the detail page, and you can modify them through the web editor. You can also continue dubbing tasks using the translated subtitles file.

I applied SIM CARD KOREA a translated subtitle file produced through Sync -> Translate using an English sample video. I was quite surprised to see the result, and it was a smooth sentence that I didn’t think I worked with the machine translation CAT TOOL.


When I saw the translation of “with a context in mind” into “with a context in mind,” I was surprised that the machine translation program could translate this much colloquial language. These results are due to the colloquial translation artificial intelligence engine with context recognition models.

As I explained earlier, you can upload the video are uploaded on the web and work on it right away, so it is very useful when you want to understand the interview in detail without dubbing or English subtitles.

I usually watch Tottenham’s official channel. Coach Conte’s interview before and after the game was difficult to understand the exact contents because there were no subtitles, but it was easy to check with MediaCAT.

This is a translation of part of Conte’s interview video right after Son Heung-min’s recent hat trick match, and it is also useful for those who need English -> Korean translation of YouTube videos without subtitles or dubbing.

Dub TASK can also automatically generate dubbing files using translated subtitles in any language. You can choose two voices each for men and women, and you can choose VoiceOver, which makes the original sound, and Dub, which only contains dubbing sounds.

If you start dubbing as well, it will automatically proceed and you can download the files generated from the detail screen upon completion. For your information, Sync and Translate which you used earlier save the subtitle file separately, but for dubbing, you can download and use mp4 images with dubbing applied to the original image.

MediaCom, an AI artificial intelligence video translation program, is a CAT TOOL with seamless colloquial translation, which makes it easy to produce results in 66 different languages through an automated system.

If companies or translators who need video media translation work use it, I think they can reduce the repetitive translation process and increase the efficiency and productivity of the work through more complete results.

You can easily sign up and use it by e-mail, and 10USD credits immediately when you sign up. In particular, you will receive an additional 90USD credit just by registering your credit card information, so please sign up and try it yourself.