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When you buy a new iPhone, most of the first things you do are buy a case and film that can safely protect your phone. In my case, I tend to buy a clear product for the first case. To enjoy the design of the new phone itself.

In particular, the iPhone 14 ProMax deep purple I bought this time has a beautiful design, a burdensome 240g as much as a cool screen, and a wide size that doesn’t fit in one hand, so I didn’t dare to use it as a raw phone in the first place and decided to buy a clear case that’s easy to use.

There is a product that is perfect for people like me, so I am using it very satisfactorily, and I would like to introduce it to you. This is the iPhone 14 ProMax clear case that is being sold at the frequency store. You can choose from two products that support Maxafe. Both offers stand functionality, with unique comfort compared to other products.

First of all, if you look at the basic stand clear case, there is a stand on the clean back panel that shows the beautiful design of the iPhone 14 ProMax in deep purple.

The back panel made of PC polycarbonate is resistant to yellow dust, so it maintains cleanliness without discoloration even when used for a long time. In particular, there is a fine gap between the cell phone and the case, preventing the film phenomenon that you don’t want to see, so it has clear without an intrusive dot pattern.


The border is made of TPU material, so you can use it with confidence because it does not scratch the case when it is detached, and it also has high fall impact protection, so it maintains a slimness that does not get too fat when installed while protecting the iPhone.

In particular, I like the design of the most vulnerable corners when dropped with the air cushion design to absorb the impact more reliably.

When installed, the location of the charging port, speakers, and silent buttons is also accurately handled, and the button is specially pressed. It is not stiff or heavy, 외국인유심개통 and it is lightly pressed as if it is an integral type to further enhance the quality of the case itself.

Especially this time, it covers the more severe kabuki, so you can put it down on your desk or put it in your pocket with confidence.

The front side also has tempered glass, but it rises a little higher, preventing the screen from directly touching the desk or falling on the floor.

The clear case of the frequency stand can be used horizontally or vertically using the stand on the back, providing a very convenient advantage for those who usually enjoy media. SIM CARD KOREA

Usually, products with their stands protrude a little, so it not only hurts the grip but also causes a lot of interference when placed on wireless charging or vehicle stands.

However, the frequency iPhone 14 ProMax clear case provides a perfect sense of unity that doesn’t stick out at all, so there’s no interference in wireless charging and no damage to the grip.

Everyone knows that the case that provides the standing function is comfortable, but there are so many inconveniences that I don’t usually use it, but I’m very satisfied with the frequency product because it’s perfect.

sim card  POSTPAID

It’s quite useful because it can be set vertically as well as horizontally.

If you are actively using Magsafe accessories, 외국인선불유심 the Frequency Stand Clear iPhone 14 ProMax Max Safe Case may be a better choice. It’s almost the same as the clear case I introduced earlier, and it has the advantage of being able to use the Maxafe on the back.

When installed, a circular Maxafe is added around the Apple logo, but you can still enjoy a clean back without oil film and use it cleanly for a long time without yellowing symptoms as a PC material.

It is 100% compatible with Maxafe accessories or wireless charging stands without any problems as well as convenient video viewing by mounting them when needed by using its stand.

I love MagSafe technology such as Maxafe Griptok, stand, and wireless charging cradle, so I use this as my main case. I’m so satisfied koreasim that I can’t think of any other products.
The Maxafe magnetism is strong enough, so it doesn’t matter when you attach it to a vehicle’s Maxafe wireless charging stand.

If you wear a good case, koreasim you don’t have to worry about the edges, rear scratches, or screen scratches when you drop it on the floor, but if you don’t want the coding to come off or want to prevent fine life scratches, reinforced glass is the easiest choice.

If you are looking for fully compatible full-cover tempered glass while using the frequency iPhone 14 ProMax clear case, it is also a good choice to use it together because it is sold at the frequency.

Anyone can easily attach sim card prepaid it using the integrated dedicated attachment guide, and both the integrated feeling and transmittance are fine, so please refer to it and use it.

This product is recommended for those who enjoy the attractive design of the iPhone 14 max deep purple and are looking for cost-effective products in all aspects, such as a practical stand compatible with wireless charging and effective protection for absorbing drop shocks.

After receiving it as the first pre-booking, we have been using it together until now, and all the grip design features are availablesim card POSTPAID